What is a bulgarian bag?

The Bulgarian Bag was conceived with the argument that it improves the athleteโ€™s grip; in 2005, its inventor, Ivan Ivanov, a former Olympic wrestler, was trying to create a fitness tool that could be used by wrestlers on top of wrestling mats, offering them intense, functional training without damaging the surface. The Bulgarian bag is a crescent-shaped tool inspired by the Bulgarian tradition that involves shepherds carrying lambs or kids on their shoulders during folklore events. Some time ago during the grazing season the Bulgarian shepherds were forced to load the weakest or sickest animals on their shoulders covering tens of kilometers and in doing so they acquired a good capacity for strength and endurance.


The first thing new users will notice is how this tool dramatically improves the grip. For the first functional training sessions with Bulgarian bags, even the most experienced grapplers will have problems keeping a tight grip on the leather handles of the Bag. This tool literally works wonders to develop the muscles of the hands and forearms. Typically, functional exercises are linked together in a circuit, in order to develop strength resistance, or the ability to maintain strength over time: these characteristics are peculiar to a fighting sport such as the Brazilian jiu jitsu.


The day after the first session with the Bulgarian Bag, you will most likely have somewhat painful areas of the Core, in places where you didnโ€™t think you had muscles. There are some exercises that can only be done with the Bulgarian Bag, and these new movements force a new response from the body. Spin, an extremely dynamic full-body exercise, is a basic movement in the field of training with the Bulgarian Bag. It is the equivalent of the kettlebell swing, and you have to make the bag go around your head and body for the repetitions required by the training protocol. This movement makes the core work a lot and it is a movement that serves grapplers of any discipline a lot.


With the Bulgarian Bag you can perform many fundamental exercises, also, thanks to its particular shape, the bag is perfect for dynamic squats, more sprint squats, leaps, lunges in extreme safety for the athlete. The exercises are many and the applications almost infinite. It is possible to perform basic free body exercises such as squats, lunges, sit ups and pushups with the help of the overload provided by the bag. Responsive exercises such as squat jump, jumping, swing, snatch, jump press, pull up and others. Motor coordination exercises performed in motion with the tool resting on the shoulders.


The Bulgarian Bag is a functional tool that has been present for a few years in the world of functional gyms, but which is attracting a lot of interest, therefore we recommend having one in your arsenal for the following reasons:

  • Allows you to perform a complete workout in a short time
  • It allows you to perform a high volume of training in a short period of time
  • Develop greater anaerobic capacity
  • Develop grip strength and endurance
  • Increase your metabolic rate to speed up fat loss
  • Promotes the development of lean muscle mass.
  • Excel in HIIT Workout
  • Versatile as use at home, in the gym or outdoors
  • Individual or group workouts are possible
  • Some personal trainers use it for corrective and rehabilitation programs
  • Performance improvement for other applications (golf, baseball, swimming, weightlifting, etc.).