What is body sculpting?

What is body sculpting?

Imagine being able to sculpt your body just like you do with your face, but instead of being something temporary like makeup, the effect will last forever. With body sculpting and reshaping you can remove from your body what makes you feel uncomfortable. Itโ€™s about activating the collagen network to decrease the centimeters in your silhouette instantly.

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We usually think that the little wheels in the body are fat, but what sometimes happens is that the collagen networks become loose and the skin is not attached to the muscle. So body sculpting and reshaping is perfect to reduce those centimeters of skin that come out of your jeans and that do not let go either with diet, or with exercise.

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The treatment works with sessions in which they apply Bipolar Radio Frequency. This will make you have a soft and tense skin as a lifting effect immediately. What this technique does is gradually heat the layers of the skin to increase the collagen and the fatty tissue is moldable. And so that it can be eliminated through a lymphatic drainage. You can also relax as if you were having a massage.

For everyone?

It is specifically designed for patients (men and women) with a good state of health and with a body mass index below 30, it is not for large fat or obese people, it is indicated for localized fat clusters, subcutaneous fat on flanks, abdomen, Waist, thighs and hips basically.

Do we start?

First, the four treatment areas are evaluated and marked; Since it is a customizable system, the frames are configured and the applicators are adjusted according to the needs of each patient. This system has four flat applicators, to achieve uniform results, which adjust to the area where we want the fat to disappear, such as belly, flanks, waist, thighs or hips, but without suction. Energy penetrates through the skin, without damaging or disturbing it, thanks to a contact cooling system.

Each session lasts 25 minutes, and a three-session protocol is recommended, with an interval of between four and six weeks between each of them to allow the body to naturally eliminate the destroyed fat. The applicators, thanks to its unique positioning system, adapt to facilitate the treatment and provide the necessary control to end the accumulated fat in the most problematic areas of the patient, being able to treat areas from 24 to 96 square cm. Over the course of the days, the body naturally removes the destroyed adipocytes, which results in visible results from the sixth week of treatment.

For what areas?

It is approved by the FDA for the abdomen and flanks. Under the responsibility of the physician, it can be applied to thighs, arms, holsters, inner thighs, etc. In the area of the double chin, in principle, it is not indicated.

And the results?

In studies conducted so far, measurements have been made and a decrease in the fatty panicle of 1.8 mm has been achieved at 6 weeks and an average of 3 mm reduction is reached at 12 weeks. There is no trace on the skin, it only appears, sometimes, a slight erythema, reddening of the skin, transitory. Patients can continue with their usual daily activities in a completely normal way.

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