What is dancheels?

what is dancheels?

Tones legs and buttocks in the most original and feminine way, teaching you to walk in an elegant way with the bearing of a model and the strength of an athlete. Conceived by Cristiana Jana dโ€™Antoni, the new discipline has just landed on the island for a year. Five instructors have already opened courses in Catania, Caltagirone, Sciacca and Ragusa.

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Tone legs and buttocks in the most original and feminine way, focusing on the strength of sensuality. ยซDancheelsยป, the dance-fitness that is danced on heels, is also enjoying great success in Sicily. A discipline that guarantees femininity and toning, teaching to walk in a healthy and elegant way on heels, with the bearing of a model and the legs of a fitness athlete. Conceived, developed and presented by Cristiana Dโ€™Antoni, better known as Jana and for years one of the reference points of the โ€œDance Fitnessโ€ world, The Dancheels has landed on the island for less than a year but already has five Sicilian instructors, scattered between Catania, Ragusa, Sciacca and Caltagirone. ยซThe idea of โ€‹โ€‹wearing a heel to train while dancing involves and intrigues everyone โ€“ explains Maria Brundo, teacher of theโ€ Perfection โ€œgym in Catania -. After an initial perplexity at the idea of โ€‹โ€‹moving on heels, my students have fallen in love with this new discipline since the first lesson, because they enjoy being sensual and feminine while they train and tone their bodies ยป. Moving on heels, in fact, helps not only to improve balance but also to โ€œbuildโ€ the muscles of the lower limb, increasing their tone and definition.


ยซTraining while keeping on tiptoe will make the muscles of the back of the leg work more and the results of these exercises will be seen above all on the buttocks and thighs โ€“ Maria assures -. But it will also benefit the tone of other muscular districts, such as abdominal and lumbar. High heels are also able to indirectly improve circulation in the legs and, in some cases, can relieve swelling of the ankles. Not only. When excessive curvature of the spine is present, the heels help improve posture since they force walking in a vertical position, providing relief to back pain. โ€ Not all heeled shoes, however, are suitable for this discipline. โ€œNo to sandal and wedge which, being lacking in flexibility and plantar sensitivity, prevent certain movements making the foot unstableโ€, explains Vera Taormina, teacher of the A.S.D. Space Gym of Sciacca. โ€œFor this discipline, however, you can range from a heel 5 to a heel 10 with comfortable shoes, like a dรฉcolletรฉ โ€“ adds Maria Brundo -. The heel must be central and not rear so as to unload the body weight on the central part of the heel, without damaging the front sole and without running the risk of breaking ยป. If the heel must have certain characteristics, the same cannot be said for the students. In fact, anyone, without age limits, can practice Dancheels. Classes are attended by both 16 year old girls and 40 and 50 year old ladies. All that matters is the desire to train while having fun. ยซI recommend Dancheels to all women, including those who do not feel comfortable walking on heels โ€“ Vera says -. In addition to improving mood, in fact, it has a strong visual and emotional impact. The legs appear longer and slender, the step more feminine, the buttocks raised. It feels so more sensual and self-esteem grows.โ€