What is kinesis?


The first thing new users will notice is how this tool dramatically improves the grip. For the first functional training sessions with Bulgarian bags, even the most experienced grapplers will have problems keeping a tight grip on the leather handles of the Bag. This tool literally works wonders to develop the muscles of the hands and forearms. Typically, functional exercises are linked together in a circuit, in order to develop strength resistance, or the ability to maintain strength over time: these characteristics are peculiar to a fighting sport such as the Brazilian jiu jitsu.

What is kinesis?

Kinesis is a gymnastics course designed on a laboratory where four devices with cables are fixed that allow you to work elasticity, muscle strengthening and tonicity. The concept is simple: you pull on elastic bands by choosing a resistance suitable for your skills to gently sculpt your figure. At the beginning, you can choose to be trained by a coach, auto every movement must be performed with precision: straight pelvis, bent legs โ€ฆ The session ends with Swiss ball exercises: sitting on the ball, you must try to maintain the balance while you reconnect the cables. After a few sessions, you will have mastered the main movements of kinesis. The exercises are chosen according to the areas you want to work on: back, biceps, buttocks, abdominals, lumbar โ€ฆ On a computer placed in the center, the muscle group is programmed and a demonstration appears on the screen that reproduces itself. Everyone can practice the elastic gym: athletes as beginners. It is an activity to be done in addition to other sports: a little stretching is recommended to end the session. Like everyone sports, kininesia strengthens your motor and physical abilities while it brings you well-being. Our advice: Ask about fitness clubs that include a kinesis lab. The subscription includes free access to the laboratory and all other courses offered. So much to make a stone several shots!

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inesis is a new training system invented and developed by Technogymยฎ, a world leader in the fitness and wellness sector. It involves the use of specially designed work stations, which try to reproduce movements as natural and close to free-body ones as possible. For this reason, they are particularly suitable for carrying out additional work to some training protocols with a natural or holistic load such as Stretching, Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. Kinesis stations are able to substantially improve strength, elasticity, endurance and balance. Training with the Kinesis method means doing good for the whole body. The exercises performed strengthen, without weighing down, all the muscle bundles and create a strong but at the same time elastic and resistant structure. The objectives of Kinesis training can be manifold. You can choose to train on the different workstations, simply to recover your physical shape and achieve optimal general well-being. Or, you can use this training system in order to prepare yourself from an athletic point of view to better practice the different sports. The Kinesis training approach is sweet but this does not mean naturally bland. In fact, gentle gymnastics aims to improve physical characteristics without upsetting natural motor patterns. The first goal of any training system should be to improve physical fitness in a non-traumatic way. Some disciplines have a too harsh approach and therefore very often risk creating trauma or injury. Kinesis refers to all natural motor patterns, that is to say little traumatic. The resistance offered during the exercise can be varied by moving the selector on the weight stack expertly integrated into the structure. The choice of resistance is mono lateral, which is why Kinesis machines are also suitable for rehabilitation work following an injury or trauma. It is possible to work on both limbs, however using a different resistance on each one, in order to recover any strength imbalances due to forced inactivity or injury. Kinesis stations are essentially divided into two major categories: those intended for home fitness and those aimed at training in the gym.

Kinesis or functional training in different floors

Most people understand that their health and quality of life as it is can be improved through physical activity. They will decide to increase their physical activity when they are sure that this will bring them the desired results and the nature of the activity will be a motivating factor for them. The main way to attract these people is to offer them new ways to maintain good physical shape, which will make training a pleasure. They need guaranteed physiological effects (increase of strength, improvement of joint mobility, development of dexterity) and improvement of quality of life (tone in daily life, knowledge and confidence in oneโ€™s body, ability to relax and improve sleep).

Kinesis or naturalness of movements

Several years ago the company โ€œTekhnojimโ€ offered the fitness market a new training and simulation system โ€“ KINESIS. The name of this fitness direction is taken from the Greek and means โ€œmovementโ€. The more we move naturally, the more muscles are trained effectively and training is safer. Consciously the word Kinesis (โ€œmovementโ€) sends us to ancient Greece, where the cult was built for the natural beauty of the human body. Tehnojim: โ€Letโ€™s go back to the origins of the movement and restore its naturalness. During the creation of Kinesis TM, we focused on a person who needed a home atmosphere and an appeal to nature, and technology was hidden behind the scenes. Kinesis TM effectively stabilizes the muscles with each movement, but also provides freedom of movement for the entire range of movement. โ€ The training is based on three concepts: balance, flexibility and strength and is a unique strength training that allows you to reproduce about 500 natural human movements, individually adapted for each athlete, whether it is a beginner in the room or a professional with a lot of experience kinesis what is sport to kinesis what is shoulder. The simulator replaces the almost complete gym complex. Patented technology Full Gravity technology allows you to perform movements on several floors with constant resistance. Our body is made up of a huge number of muscles, but it is simply impossible to use them as much as possible during training in the gym, because the exercises go in the given direction and the range of movements is extremely limited. Kinesis also allows you to reproduce movements on any plane, with any angle of inclination and resistance force. Technically the simulator is designed taking into account all the anatomical characteristics of the human body. A closed cable system makes training safe and reduces the load on the joints, which allows Kinesis to use both beginners and experienced athletes. Each cable is connected to a separate resistance system, which allows you to differentially adjust the load during training and to perform alternative movements. A 360 ยฐ rotation system of the rollers implements the task of a multifunctional training: the reproduction of any movement โ€“ for swimming, practicing a ball throw in tennis, etc. The lessons at Kinesis are universal, here are possible kinesis what is hundreds of combinations of exercises, aimed at strength training, the development of coordination, rehabilitation, correction of figures and much more. The direction and intensity of the training can be combined with any task. There are no age and health limits for training with kinesis. Performing on it exercises can people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and those who undergo rehabilitation after trauma. However, in both cases, the training must necessarily take place under the supervision of a professional instructor and after consultation with the attending physician. Contraindication to exercise is only the presence of high body temperature or blood pressure. In other cases, properly established load on muscle groups will be extremely beneficial. The result of the kinetic studies will become evident after one or two months of regular training, depending on the target and the degree of load chosen.

Home Fitness version

There are two types, the Heritage, with a wooden back and Vision which is particularly elegant thanks to the series of mirrors with which it is equipped. These home stations allow you to train your whole body with a very wide variety of exercises, at least 200 in just over a square meter of footprint. By choosing the Heritage version you will have the opportunity to create a practically unlimited series of stretching and joint mobility exercises that will make your workout always new and interesting. A typical program could start with 10 minutes of joint mobility at the back, continue with 40 minutes of Kinesis exercises by diversifying the work according to the different body areas and end with 5/10 minutes of stretching also using the help of the back. If you prefer quiet training, cadenced only by your biological rhythms without any imposition dictated for example by schedules of the fitness centers and you have a good personal determination, home Kinesis is an excellent choice. The chosen station will allow the subject to train when he / she likes, in the most congenial times according to personal needs, by performing a quality workout. This choice will also be excellent if you want to integrate the work of holistic activities such as Yoga or Pilates.

plank muscle fitness photo

Gym version

The Kinesis stations intended for fitness centers are certainly more complete and allow you to do a more varied job with a substantial difference compared to home work. You can choose a single workout for a specific program designed exclusively for personal needs or choose to train with a class, then together with other people. Group training is more motivating thanks also to the music and rhythm created by the group of people who share common goals. Single training is more suitable for people who have particular goals such as getting back into shape following an injury or trauma or physically preparing to play a specific sport. The Kinesis method also allows circuit training by performing different exercises on different stations that together manage to train all the muscle bundles of the body. The peculiarity of circuit training is that it shortens recovery times. In addition to being physiologically advantageous (especially if you want to lose a few pounds), it is also advantageous from a practical point of view because it substantially reduces the duration of the program. Often, in fact, the transition from one station to the next does not require recoveries other than those strictly necessary to prepare for the next exercise. The stations of the circuit are placed one after the other. You start with one, perform a given movement, change stations and move on to the next exercise. Usually the stations that make up a circuit are at least 3 or 4. In addition to the exercises on the Kinesis stations, it is also possible to insert Yoga or Pilates positions in the circuit, thus creating a truly valid training mixture. This method is also effective for managing training times. The same circuit can be carried out simultaneously by several people, just offset the starting order of each subject. The exercises performed through Kinesis training are mainly low in joint load, therefore mostly involve many muscle groups. Multi-joint exercises have countless advantages over single-joint exercises. They work the joint in several directions and for this reason they are able to involve more muscle groups in the movement and allow you to train the whole body more quickly without dissecting too much the human body. The musculoskeletal structure cannot be considered a series of joint sections that must work separately. The most profitable and least risky approach from the joint point of view is to consider the human body as a set of body areas of fairly large dimensions: legs, back, chest. In this way you will be able to perform a complete work for the whole body with a few movements, with a faster and at the same time more fruitful training. Many exercises performed on Kinesis stations are in an upright position, which allows you to reduce compression on the spine and involve, throughout the exercise, the entire abdominal and lumbar area. The muscles that make up this area of โ€‹โ€‹the body are extremely important because they help maintain the right posture and prevent annoying trauma to the lumbo-sacral area. Sedentary life, together with static work, often force you to maintain unnatural positions for long periods. This, in the long run, causes soreness especially of the lower back, causing annoying pains that often limit in the most common movements. Kinesis training is able to help prevent these problems. Thanks to the wide range of exercises dedicated to vertebral posture, Kinesis helps to restore the right muscle balance by strengthening, without weighing down, the affected muscle bundles. Sometimes, pain in the spine, as well as incorrect postures, can be caused by an imbalance of strength between the muscles that balance the bone structure. Exercising a given muscle group essentially means creating muscle hypertrophy, the muscle increases the section but becomes shorter. The spine remains balanced thanks to a series of muscle bundles that pull on one side and compensate on the other. For example, having the pectoral muscles too developed compared to those of the back, could favor principles of kyphosis since the shoulders would tend to go forward (intra-rotation) consequently changing the position of the backbone of the spine. To reestablish the right symmetries, it would be useful to lengthen the chest muscles and strengthen that of the back (large back, trapezius and posterior deltoid).

woman doing fitness in the gym

Working with Kinesis machines is essentially a job done with cables rather than dumbbells and barbells. When you train with free weights (dumbbells and barbells) you run into the inconvenience of not having a constant load during the entire range of movement. The tension is minimal in the initial part of the movement (maximum muscle extension) maximum in the central phase of the movement and minimum in the final part of the movement (maximum muscle contraction). This type of training, excellent in some ways (especially explosive strength development), is sometimes traumatic at the joint level. To minimize the risks at the joints, it would be useful to be able to reproduce a movement with tension as constant as possible during the entire range of movement (isotonic). The use of cables can help achieve this. It is essentially an overweight to which a cable pulled by the user that runs through a series of pulleys is tied. Depending on the number and position of the pulleys, a more or less large division of the perceived load can be obtained. This type of work is very close to the isotonic movement. Finding a type of constant voltage movement is practically impossible. It is possible to search for training methods that approach constant muscle tension. Work on the Kinesis areas goes in this direction. Kinesis is not exactly suitable for the work of explosive strength or extreme classic hypertrophy of bodybuilding. On the contrary, it is useful if you are looking for a general strengthening work that aims to strengthen the body within natural limits, maintaining natural lines and proportions with great attention to elasticity and mobility. Compared to driven machines, Kinesis is able to adapt perfectly to the physical structure of any user without limits related above all to height. The major restriction of the guided gym machines is precisely that of having been designed and built on a typical subject, especially with regard to stature. Individuals who are too tall (over 180 cm) or too low (under 170 cm) will hardly find the right training position on classic work stations with overload. With Kinesis, this doesnโ€™t happen. Job positions are not rigid. This, in biomechanical terms, essentially translates into an optimal muscle training and a little traumatic under the joint profile.

Benefits of kinesis training

  1. Emphasis on strength and endurance Kinesis creates a certain load on different muscle groups at the same time, and for the whole workout โ€œcompletelyโ€ solves all the muscles. In addition, during training, the strengthening of bones, ligaments and tendons occurs.
  2. Improve coordination Traditional gym simulators in the hall only superficially influence the coordination of movements. Kinesis is giving this aspect much more. With the help of special handles, the activity of the nervous system is activated, which leads to an improvement in the kinesis as well as coordination of the body as a whole.
  3. Development of muscle stabilizers As a general rule, most simulators work in a certain trajectory, giving the load only to certain muscles. Kinesis allows you to maintain muscles and tonic stabilizers thanks to separate handles, whose movements can be performed absolutely in any plane and direction.
  4. Increasing flexibility With the ability to perform exercises at various angles in the 360 โ€‹โ€‹degree range, the body acquires flexibility, which is difficult to achieve when practicing traditional simulators that have significant limitations in performing movements.
  5. Balance training  In the classroom, you can actually learn how to manage your body, which can later be useful in everyday life. Keep your balance on the ice rink or instantly catch the falling object: the development of balance will help you perform all these actions without difficulty.

woman with fitness ropes

Who and what is useful kinesis

  • Professional athletes
    Training on the kinesis simulator allows you to significantly improve sporting achievements in professional sports. The workouts are shown to skiers, runners, golfers and baseball players, as well as swimmers, soccer players, basketball players and other athletes. In class with the help of kinesis it will be possible to effectively train the muscles of the legs and also simulate the movements of the game thanks to a range of 360 degrees. In addition, the kinesis as a simulator increases the general resistance of the body and has a preventive effect on various injuries.
  • For circular training Training on
    circuit includes a series of alternating actions, among which there is a short space for rest. The lessons cover practically all muscle groups. Thanks to the peculiarities of the construction of the simulator, the kinesis can perform exercises on it in the most fluid way possible, but efficiently. During training, not only do strength and endurance develop, but it also improves the work of the cardiovascular system.
  • How to rehabilitate L
    the main goal of training with kinesis is to strengthen motor stereotypes. Therefore, the simulator is used effectively as a key rehabilitation point after injuries received. Its design allows you to select individual loads, as well as providing all the necessary conditions for a complete recovery and preventing the recurrence of accidents.
  • By influencing some muscle groups, training at the same time serves kinesis as it is a means of relaxing some muscles and training others, helping to restore and maintain results.
  • Assistant in daily life
    Kinesis develops coordination, endurance and gives an overall tone to the body, which is an important component of everyday life. The exercises on the simulator then allow you to considerably simplify normal activities in everyday life, such as lifting various weights (for example, shopping for food) or keeping the child for a long period. The correctly established load vector during training allows you to form muscle groups, the influence on which it is most concentrated in everyday life.

Advantages of Kinesis

โ€ข Natural training; โ€ข Low joint load training; โ€ข Excellent for getting back into shape; โ€ข Excellent for rehabilitating the body following an injury or trauma; โ€ข Indicated in supplementary work for disciplines such as Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi; โ€ข Easily adapts to different body structures; โ€ข It is comfortable and easy to use; โ€ข The movements performed recall natural motor patterns; โ€ข Allows a practically unlimited variety of movements; โ€ข It is indicated for the training of men, women and even boys; โ€ข At home fitness level, thanks to the variety of movements, training always remains stimulating and interesting contrary to what happens with most home training stations; โ€ข Allows excellent circuit work.

woman practicing kinesis

Kinesis Class

Kinesis, in addition to the wide range of workstations (both home and gym), offers a series of important accessories that help improve balance and proprioception and can also be used for specific Pilates or Yoga exercises. Some of these are: โ€ข Kinesis Bench, the bench for training; โ€ข Wellness Ball, the ball for performing various exercises in precarious balance; โ€ข Foam Mat, the soft mattress; โ€ข Foam Roller, the soft cylinder for performing various bodyweight exercises; โ€ข Stretching Mat, the mat for stretching; โ€ข Wobble Board, the oscillating tablet; โ€ข Rocker Board, the rocking tablet.

Wobble boardWobble board Rocker boardRocker board

Training programs for Kinesis

There are six basic classroom programs in Kinesis. Each of them is aimed at achieving certain objectives, so kinesis what training is of interest to absolutely everyone.


One of the most popular tasks for training is the correction of figures. The Shape program is designed specifically for those who wish to improve body configuration, reduce weight and improve muscle tone. By using almost all the muscles in the body, Kinesis is an effective means of achieving these goals.


The same urgent task is strength training. The Power program is aimed at developing basic muscle groups and large muscle chains. Traditional isolated exercises are combined with more complex strength training techniques. The uniqueness of the program is its universality: people with different levels of training can be involved.


The program is suitable for professional level athletes and those who aspire to it. The movements presented in this program allow you to prepare specific muscles for sports such as tennis, golf, running, skiing, swimming. In addition, Kinesis offers a rehabilitation program, often kinesis, which is also relevant for people professionally involved in sports. And if as a result of the trauma temporarily there is no possibility to train under the Sports program, rehabilitation will help to recover and return to it again.


The program is based on the principles of the Mind & Body directions โ€“ yoga, pilates, taichi. The program allows you to enjoy your favorite movements and poses, but with greater efficiency and safety. It helps to harmonize the internal state, normalize the internal processes of the body and learn to control your body. Work on balance and strength is based on controlling movements and breathing.


Kinesis Play is a program for children and teenagers. Multiplanar movements can improve coordination, endurance, strength and speed of reaction.


Finally, the Move program is designed for kinesis, which is those who give greater emphasis to the functionality of training and aim at the harmonious development of the entire musculature. This program is the most universal, since it aims to increase general motor activity. All the exercises performed under this program are based on the movements of daily life, which makes training practical.

Training on simulator of kinesis

10 reasons for kinesis

  1. 500 exercises per 1 square meter! Only a simulator can create an imitation of up to 500 movements in different planes, which makes each workout different and interesting.
  2. 35% more calories! Compared to the traditional occupation in the gym, training with kinesis, you will be able to burn 35% more calories.
  3. At the heart of kinesis are the principles of pilates: relaxation, concentration, coordination, smooth movement, breath control, endurance, flexibility.
  4. Most of the strength exercises of yoga and kinesis callanetics what it is can be performed with the help of kinesis.
  5. In addition to the basic muscle groups on the simulator, the stabilizing muscles of the body are also involved, which makes training more effective.
  6. Possibility to perform plyometric exercises.
  7. The load can be distributed at different angles, within all 360 degrees.
  8. Before starting the lesson, the simulator does not need to be customized, it is absolutely easy to use.
  9. The arms, thanks to which the necessary resistance to the muscle groups is provided, can be modified by an independent adjustment.
  10. The simulator allows you to reduce the total training time, since one exercise allows you to exercise a load on several kinesis groups which is muscular at the same time, making the activity as effective as possible.