What is shbam?

What is shbam?

The tendency to combine exercise with music and dance is one of the most demanded collective classes. Shโ€™Bam is a recreational class inspired by these concepts. The discipline combines cardiovascular training with a balanced choreography. The benefits include toning and modeling of the body, the development of the ability to express and improve coordination. It allows to burn up to 506 calories in each session. If you want to know more about this discipline, you can watch the video inside the news. According to Alejandra Munno of Aefa Les Mills, โ€œShโ€™Bam is aimed at all audiences and is a fun and recreational dance class. It combines easy and safe movements, and also a great cardiovascular workout is achieved. The choreography is balanced and the movements compensated. โ€ The routines are โ€œpre-choreographed, and through them you study aerobic peaks that make it easier for people who follow the discipline to burn calories and, therefore, lose weight. The music that follows is selected from the most successful and not just Latin music. Exercise routines are renewed every three months, โ€according to Alejandra Munno.

One session

A session of Shโ€™Bam โ€œconsists of 12 different tracks and each of them has a different choreography. The class begins with some basic movements to get warm and move the shoulders, chest, hips and even fingers. Next comes the part of the choreography that consists of 35 minutes of easy dance combinations and based on great musical successes. High intensity tracks โ€™are combined with recovery phases. Subsequently, the pulsations are stabilized and stretching is performed โ€. We must pay special attention to the footwear to be used. โ€œIt is recommended to wear comfortable sports shoes, but not running shoes. It is advisable to use cross-trainer shoes as they will give better support and support. We must also go with comfortable textile that allows freedom of movement. โ€


The Shโ€™Bam session lasts about 45 minutes and your practice can help you burn up to 506 calories in a single class. The benefits include โ€œtoning and modeling of the body, the development of the ability to express and improve coordination.โ€ The discipline allows โ€œto improve cardiovascular resistance thanks to the benefits of interval training. Fat burning occurs without having to perform a very intense exercise, โ€he concludes. More information at