What is street fighting?

When both speaks of self-defense, street fight is confused with self defense. This leads to the conclusion that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu does not work on the street. Starting from the article Difference Between Street Fighting and Self Defense by Ashtad Rustomji, which I have partially translated and partially modified, I will try to clarify a little.

What is a street fight?

A street fight is a violent confrontation between two or more people, there are almost no rules in street fighting, in a street fight, there are two or more people who are angry and / or willing to fight, not to defend themselves, but for other reasons. A fight in a club, a clash between two fans or between two criminal gangs is a street fight. In street fighting, the goal is to annihilate the enemy. The dynamics of a street fight are different depending on the situation but do not have many points in common with a self-defense situation.

What is self defense?

By definition it is the act of defending yourself from aggression and to put it simply, if someone threatens your life and you respond with physical violence to protect yourself this is self defense. In the face of the law, it is recognized as self-defense if you can prove that you have had no other chance to prevent or avoid it is a legal term that describes that the force used by another individual is justified to maintain his safety.

Two scenarios

To better understand the difference between self-defense and street fighting, I give two examples: First scenario: a drunkard attacks a customer in a club, the customer defends himself and manages to bring the drunk to the ground and puts him to sleep with a mata loyal. This is a self defense situation. If the customer has also raised his elbow and the two leave the club to beat themselves, this is a street fight. Second scenario: one returns home from work and a gang of thugs surrounds him with the intention of attacking him. If he resorts to the use of force to defend himself this is a personal defense situation but if his friends come out from around the corner, the fight starts and uses force to cause physical damage this is a street fighting situation. Typically in a street fight the contenders are angry and violent and want to hurt their opponents. Typically in a self-defense situation only one of the two has the intention and will to do harm, the other tries to do everything he can to defend himself when he cannot prevent or avoid aggression. The attack is pushed into that situation against his will by the attacker. There are always indicators of pre-attack in self-defense situations. Many become victims because they cannot identify threats, because they are not aware of the environment, because they are distracted and inattentive and not fast enough to adapt to circumstances and react accordingly. The first self-defense technique is to be aware of the surrounding environment. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is not needed for the โ€œroadโ€, that is, it was not codified to win street fights, fights and things like that, but to give the youngest the chance to defend themselves against a bigger attacker.